Gayfriendly Matches Committment Minded Gay Men

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GayFriendly Matches Commitment-Minded Gay Men For Serious Relationships

Chloë Hylkema

Written by: Chloë Hylkema

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The Short Version: is a gay dating platform designed for singles who are ready for the real thing. The site and mobile app boast extensive user-friendly features, including polls, matching games, and detailed profiles, that make finding real connections drama-free. The site has a thorough user verification system and an around-the-clock moderation team that works to keep the platform safe. GayFriendly users connect with other single gay men in their area for partnership, romance, and community.

LGBTQ+ singles are more likely to find success online dating than their heterosexual counterparts, according to a recent survey done by Pew Research Center. The study found that over half of the surveyed lesbian, gay, and bisexual men and women ages 18-49 have tried online dating, and 37% of the partnered gay men met their significant other through a dating site or app.

With so many gay dating sites on the market, it’s important for singles to do their research into which app will suit them best. Some dating apps are designed to make hookups happen, while others are designed to match singles for long-term relationships, and on most, users get a mix of both.

Single gay men who are ready for a committed relationship will feel right at home on, a dating platform with extensive features designed to facilitate authentic connections and long-term partnerships. The Dating Manager for GayFriendly, Viktoria, talked to us about the platform and told us what users can expect from the online dating experience.

“Our main goal is serious dating,” Viktoria said. “Our users usually aren’t really looking for a hookup or one night stand. We really want gay couples to meet and create communities and families and committed relationships.” 

A Dating App Focused on Relationships

The team behind GayFriendly has over 10 years of experience in dating site development. They wanted to create a gay dating app focused on serious relationships that also had comprehensive features. GayFriendly achieves a robust user experience without any overwhelming or complicated features. It’s straightforward yet detailed – the perfect combination for a dating site.

The GayFriendly development team knew the platform would need exceptional features to stand out in the market. Unlike many other platforms, GayFriendly is made for serious daters. Singles won’t encounter as many profiles seeking quick hookups as they would on other apps and will find many GayFriendly users are looking to make real local connections, whether romantic or platonic. 

GayFriendly is a dating app for commitment minded gay men
GayFriendly is an online dating platform focused on setting up real relationships.

“Gay and heterosexual people alike sometimes have fears that they’ll be alone forever,” Viktoria said. “Dating can be hard, and loneliness is a very difficult emotion. The first step in dating is identifying your goal. If you’re serious, find an app that has other serious users.” 

Viktoria said GayFriendly stands apart from other dating sites because of its robust features and dedicated support staff. “Our support team is available 24/7, and all media on the site goes through moderators,” Viktoria said. “We have four stages of verification for all users, and then they go through the moderation team. We check every photo manually.”

It’s important that dating sites take user verification seriously, especially for apps designed to facilitate long-term partnerships. “If something looks suspicious, we look into it,” Viktoria said. “We also can block users in a way that prevents them from creating any new accounts. Safety and personal data protection is very important to us.”

GayFriendly Offers Users Extensive Features

Users can sign up for GayFriendly using their email, phone number, or social media account. Each profile is verified using a four-step process, which includes photo, email, social media, and phone number verification. This process ensures that users are legit and decreases the prevalence of scams on the platform.

Once users are on the platform, they can add up to 30 high-resolution photos to their profile. That is more photos than most dating platforms allow and gives users the opportunity to get a better feel of other singles on the platform. Each profile shows whether photos have been checked and if the account has been fully verified. 

GayFriendly app
GayFriendly can be used on desktop or mobile.

GayFriendly gives users the ability to customize their profiles, and the amount of detail users can put in their profiles often deters daters who aren’t ready for something serious. Viktoria encouraged singles to spend time creating thoughtful profiles that express their lifestyles, backgrounds, identities, and what they’re looking for in a relationship. 

Users can search for users near them and specify search distance as they browse. Advanced filters allow users to browse by dating purpose, lifestyle habits, education level, zodiac sign, and more. If swiping is your thing, you can use GayFriendly’s Like or Not feature, where you can swipe through profiles in your area or across the country.

GayFriendly keeps a finger on the pulse of its community through its dating polls. GayFriendly’s polls are simple questionnaires designed to identify users’ aspirations, interests, and worldviews. By participating in polls, users can connect with like-minded singles through the platform.

Discover Romance, Community, and Fun

Online dating is an amazing way for gay singles to make connections, but there’s nothing like meeting people in person. GayFriendly helps singles facilitate local group meetups, whether at a bar, club, or local cafe, by allowing users to post event or meetup details. Users can see who’s nearby and organize an outing that brings together several singles.

Gay singles can find success through online dating, but this doesn’t mean they won’t encounter any obstacles. Dating is a journey, and Viktoria said single gay men can enjoy it more by staying true to their dating goals. If you’re a single who’s ready for commitment, you’re wasting your time dating someone who’s not. 

GayFriendly dating app
GayFriendly welcomes singles looking for an authentic online dating experience.

“Don’t waste your time with someone who has different goals than you,” Viktoria said. “If someone is looking for hookups, that’s alright, but it will only lead to being hurt if you try to find something serious. Find people who are ready to be as serious as you are.”

Viktoria had some more dating tips for gay singles, specifically around staying safe while online dating. “Don’t wait more than a month to meet someone in person,” she said. “If you’re texting or chatting and nothing else, that’s probably not going anywhere and just a waste of time. As always, never send money to anyone online, especially if you’ve never met.”