Hunt Ethridge

Hunt Ethridge

Hunt Ethridge is the co-founder and CMO of the as well as senior advisor and board of directors at other firms. He has been featured in well over 100 media sources and currently "coach on record" for most of the top matchmaking firms in the U.S. and internationally. You can follow him on Instagram or Clubhouse.

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How to Rekindle the Spark (5 Tips)

5 Tips to Reignite the Spark of Romance

By: Hunt Ethridge • 6/13/24

Falling in love is great! You get butterflies in your stomach when you think of that special someone, you write sappy...(read more)

Why Did She Stop Texting Me? 8 Possible Explanations

Why Did She Stop Texting Back?

By: Hunt Ethridge • 5/13/24

It happens all the time.  You meet someone, online or at a party, and you swap info and start texting each other....(read more)

Should I Date in College? 5 Tips From a Dating Expert

Should I Date in College?

By: Hunt Ethridge • 4/19/24

“Do it or don’t do it – you’ll regret both.” - Søren Kierkegaard...(read more)

Short King Dating Tips

5 Dating Tips for Short Men

By: Hunt Ethridge • 3/21/24

While we can alter and improve almost every aspect of ourselves, the one thing we’re pretty stuck with is our height....(read more)

3 Signs You’re Ready to Propose (and How to Pop the Question)

How Do I Know When to Propose?

By: Hunt Ethridge • 2/6/24

When I proposed to my wife, she laughed at me. Definitely NOT the reaction I was hoping for!...(read more)

7 Holiday Gift Giving Tips for Dating Couples

7 Holiday Gifting Tips for Couples

By: Hunt Ethridge • 12/19/23

It’s that time of year again. When a young man’s thoughts turn to gifts and the nagging question: What the heck do I...(read more)

6 Dating Rules, According to a Men’s Dating Coach

6 Dating Rules & Why They Matter

By: Hunt Ethridge • 10/30/23

Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider wrote a dating advice book called "The Rules”  in 1995 to discuss the dating norms...(read more)

How to Calm Dating Jitters (5 Expert Tips)

5 Tips for Calming Dating Jitters

By: Hunt Ethridge • 10/5/23

The jitters are part of every dating experience. When we meet someone who we like, it’s natural to get a little...(read more)

Do Any Pickup Lines Actually Work?

Do Any Pickup Lines Really Work?

By: Hunt Ethridge • 9/3/23

If you've been in the dating scene for a minute, you may recognize these tired old pickup lines:...(read more)

5 Expert Dating App Bio Tips for Men

5 Dating App Bio Tips for Men

By: Hunt Ethridge • 7/18/23

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, but dating apps are the quickest way to find singles in your area.  They aren’t the end...(read more)

Is It Okay to be Single at 30? (5 Reasons It Is!)

Is It Okay to be Single at 30? (5 Reasons It Is!)

By: Hunt Ethridge • 6/3/23

Let’s set the stage: You, outside, enjoying yourself. You just watched your favorite cousin get married and are...(read more)

How Do I Know If I’m Falling Out of Love? (5 Signs)

5 Signs You’re Falling Out of Love

By: Hunt Ethridge • 5/8/23

Relationships are never drama-free.  You are going to fight and argue and not see eye to eye sometimes.  When...(read more)

6 Perks of Dating as an Adult (Tips From an Expert)

6 Perks of Dating as an Adult

By: Hunt Ethridge • 4/9/23

Many singles learn how to date in high school or college while surrounded by hundreds or thousands of similarly aged...(read more)

Expert Opinion: How to Talk to a Girl If You’re Shy (5 Tips)

How to Talk to a Girl If You’re Shy

By: Hunt Ethridge • 3/12/23

We’re not really taught any sort of interpersonal skills specifically when we were growing up.  You just kinda had to...(read more)

8 Winter Date Ideas & Activities for Couples in 2024

8 Winter Date Ideas & Activities

By: Hunt Ethridge • 2/10/23

If you grew up outside of Syracuse, New York, like I did, snow is in your blood.  I can remember it snowing on both...(read more)

Should I Get Back With My Ex? 6 Questions to Ask Yourself First

Should I Get Back With My Ex?

By: Hunt Ethridge • 1/17/23

I think all of us, at one point, are guilty of wondering if we should get back with an ex. It may have been a short...(read more)

6 Signs You May Have Fear of Commitment

6 Signs of Fear of Commitment

By: Hunt Ethridge • 11/18/22

Good relationships are awesome!  You vibe off each other, someone else “gets” you and you’ve got a copilot...(read more)

How Can I Be More Fun Around Men? (Part 2: A Male’s Perspective)

How To Be More Fun Around Men? (Advice from a Guy)

By: Hunt Ethridge • 10/15/22

Dating is supposed to be fun!  ...(read more)

5 Dating Tips For Newly Single Men After Divorce (Feb. 2024)

Advice For Single Men Dating After Divorce

By: Hunt Ethridge • 9/10/22

Dating can be hard. Dating after not dating in a decade or more is even harder. And balancing mental health, family...(read more)

How Do I Know If I’m Falling in Love? (6 Signs)

How Do I Know If I’m Falling in Love?

By: Hunt Ethridge • 4/21/22

Falling in love is the greatest thing in life and one of the most powerful experiences that humans can go through. ...(read more)