Mackenzie Buck

Mackenzie Buck
Mackenzie Buck is an experienced writer who earned a master's degree with distinction from the University of Manchester. Her relationship advice has been featured on the New York Post, among other publications. She has worn a variety of hats in the digital marketing space over the years and is excited to bring her unique voice and storytelling chops to DatingAdvice.

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Navigating Group Dates: An Expert Guide to Socializing & Romancing

How Do Group Dates Work?

By: Mackenzie Buck • 7/10/24

Group dates are arguably one of the most common tropes in sitcoms and romcoms, up there next to coffee shop meet-cutes,...(read more)

What Does “DTF” Mean? Definition & Implications

What Does “DTF” Mean?

By: Mackenzie Buck • 6/18/24

If you’ve recently heard the acronym DTF, I would bet that you heard it within one of these three contexts: ...(read more)

Behind the Catfish: Understanding Fake Profiles in Online Dating

How to Spot Fake Online Dating Profiles

By: Mackenzie Buck • 6/13/24

What do MTV’s “Catfish,” “Gossip Girl,” and “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” have in common?...(read more)

Catch Me a Catch: Exploring the Role of Matchmakers in Modern Dating

How Does Modern Matchmaking Work?

By: Mackenzie Buck • 5/30/24

I’m about to be real honest for a sec: I’ve always been against matchmaking. That’s probably because, from a very...(read more)

Exploring the Meaning of Intimacy: Types, Challenges & Ways to Express It

Exploring the Meaning of Intimacy

By: Mackenzie Buck • 5/23/24

People from all over the world ponder what love really means to them. What’s the magic that brings two people...(read more)

What Is a Booty Call? Origins & Mechanics Explained

What Is a Booty Call?

By: Mackenzie Buck • 5/21/24

If you’re anything like me, the first time you heard the word “booty call” was in 2010 when pop sensation Ke$ha...(read more)

Guide to Having a Fruitful Dinner Date

Tips for Your Next Dinner Date

By: Mackenzie Buck • 5/16/24

Let’s start off this guide with a simple challenge: Stop what you’re doing and name a romantic comedy that doesn’t...(read more)

Feminine Embodiment Mentor Alexandra Roxo Coaches Women on Embracing Sexuality in Motherhood

Alexandra Roxo Coaches Women on Embracing Sexuality

By: Mackenzie Buck • 5/9/24

The Short Version: It’s 2024. Women occupy over half the workforce, have flown around the moon, and dominate the music...(read more)

What Is Catfishing?

What is Catfishing?

By: Mackenzie Buck • 5/2/24

If you’re reading this, you’re either a single person new to the world of online dating… or a very confused...(read more)

13 Apps Like Tinder for Lesbian Dating

13 Lesbian Apps Like Tinder

By: Mackenzie Buck • 4/30/24

People may try to argue the contrary, but the truth is this: All is NOT fair in love and war when you’re a queer...(read more)

A Guide to Effective Icebreakers for Singles

A Guide to Effective Icebreakers

By: Mackenzie Buck • 4/28/24

If you’re anything like me, hearing the word “icebreakers” sends an automatic shiver down your  spine. It...(read more)

DOWN App Review & 5 Best Alternatives (Jul. 2024)

DOWN Reviews & Alternatives

By: Mackenzie Buck • 3/31/24

We live in a time when robots are waiting tables, doctors are 3D-printing human tissue, and tech company founders are...(read more)

29 Best Sites to Date Online (2024)

29 Best Sites to Date Online

By: Mackenzie Buck • 3/20/24

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, I would be willing to bet that you could name at least three dating...(read more)

15 Best Lesbian Dating Sites By Country (Jul. 2024)

What Are The Best Lesbian Dating Sites By Country?

By: Mackenzie Buck • 2/4/24

With 33% of the world still criminalizing same-sex love, it’s easy to see how lesbian singles may feel discouraged...(read more)

6 Dating Abuse Statistics & Resources (2024)

Dating Abuse Statistics & Resources

By: Mackenzie Buck • 1/15/24

Most of us want love. We want to feel connected, to be appreciated, and to be accepted for who we are. But the search...(read more)

7 New Years Rizz-olutions For Singles

7 New Years Rizz-olutions For Singles

By: Mackenzie Buck • 12/27/23

Let me guess: You’re hoping to ring in the New Year with a healthier body, a cooler wardrobe, or a more positive...(read more)

6 Do’s and Don’ts for Office Party Dates

Do's and Don'ts for Office Party Dates

By: Mackenzie Buck • 12/11/23

I’ll always remember one December —  fresh out of college and a four-year relationship — a guy I had met on a...(read more)

7 Tips for Meeting People Online

7 Tips for Meeting People Online

By: Mackenzie Buck • 12/2/23

Remember when we used to meet people by joining book clubs and joining Tuesday night bowling leagues? Yeah, me neither....(read more)

Is Tinder For Couples? (Feb. 2024 Reviews)

Does Tinder Work for Couples?

By: Mackenzie Buck • 11/19/23

Maybe it’s just me, but it feels like the dynamics of modern dating are changing by the day. More and more people are...(read more)

6 Popular Massachusetts Dating Sites (Feb. 2024)

6 Best Massachusetts Dating Sites

By: Mackenzie Buck • 11/18/23

Massachusetts may be hard to spell, but it’s certainly not hard to love. And it’s not hard to find love in this New...(read more)